marketabilities Website Design Questionnaire

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1. Your Email Address:
2. Your Phone Number:
3. Domain Name (e.g.
4. If you don't have a domain name, please list preferences for the name:
5. Website hosting provider preference:
6. Describe what you will be using your website for:
7. About how many pages, and please list pages, do you envision (e.g. home, about us, contact us, products, services, FAQ, etc.):
8. Do you currently have a logo? Yes   No
If not, would you like us to design one? Yes   No
9. Do you currently have any brochures or collateral materials that website should emulate? Yes  No
10. List any color preferences:
11. List any colors you DON'T like:
12. Site navigation preference... Do you have a preference as to where you want other pages linked? (i.e. across the top, left hand side, right hand side, bottom)

13. Do you currently have any pictures or graphics that you'd want to be on your website? Yes  No

If yes, what format are they in?
14. List links to other websites you'd include on your website:
15. List types of forms you want customers to fill out on your site (e.g. contact us form ...):
16. Will you have any downloadable documents on your site? Yes  No   If yes, about how many?
What format are they in (e.g. pdf, word, excel...)?

17. List any websites you specifically like and why:

18. Other comments: